Saturday, February 23, 2013

Growing the Great Opportunity Party

GOP leaders/volunteers who are comfortable talking with people from all backgrounds need to hold regular monthly gatherings in community centers in areas where we want to have a broader reach. We could just call them "Elephant Coffee Hours". A time to just meet people and share WHY conservative/GOP ideas will work for them . They would probably start out small. That's okay.  Food/entertainment/agenda could be tailored to the community.  Perhaps a charity could be regularly connected to the event.  In some communities providing child care for an hour would be important. But reaching out takes effort and we need to follow the missionary pattern of meeting the culture where it is and then demonstrating by example why what we have is worthwhile.

We spend too much time meeting with each other and not enough time meeting with people who know nothing about us or who have been misinformed.

We also need to have service projects for youth where we also do a little GOP education - we could call them "Hangin' with the Herd".

I'd love to hear your ideas for growing the Grand Opportunity Party rather than just marching away from it.

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