Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Songs They May not be Teaching Your Children in School

You may live in an area where great songs about America are still being taught in your schools.  However, having been a music teacher for 8 years, I know that in some school curricula these songs are hard to find.  OR never sung after elementary school, if then.  I made sure these songs were taught.  I used them to help teach reading, decode word meaning (definitions), study the poetry, talk about when in history they were written. We also featured them in a Veterans Day program each year.  I taught in a fully urban school, so I was able to share a lot of information through music that perhaps the children were not receiving in their classroom.  

Have fun - learn them with your children!

You're a Grand Old Flag

God Bless America - with the intro that few know. Written by Irving Berlin - a Russian Jewish immigrant


My Country 'tis of Thee

This is My Country

America the beautiful

Battle Hymn of the Republic

Our National Anthem (meaning we should ALL know it)
The Star-Spangled Banner

Armed Forces Medley

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