Friday, November 9, 2012

Where's your outrage?

So - I don't care what your party is - at what point are you going to realize that we are being duped? You may be gaining individual "rights" but at the cost of what?
I challenge you to take 2 minutes and read this post.
Just in the last 2 months:

The week before the election an unarmed predator drone was shot at by Iran - but they chose not to tell us.

Massive layoffs are happening all over the country due to the cost of Obamacare which businesses said they could not afford and the majority of Americans said they did not want. It was FORCED through the congress when the president's party had control of both houses.

They held off the firings and closings hoping that the presidency would change so it could be overturned, but no. So I hope you are happy with what is coming. People say the GOP is blocking legislation - but no one complained when Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid rammed this monstrosity down America's throats.

The media failed to report that the attack in Libya on 9/11/2012 was a well-planned major terrorist attack against our diplomats, selling the president's lie that it to mob violence because of a YouTube video that no one watched. First US ambassador killed since the 1970s!  And the facts are still being covered up by both the president and the media. They won't talk to Congress about it, even though they have demanded info. The president refuses to take any questions.

The families have NO idea what happened to their sons. One should be receiving the medal of honor for his incredible heroism that night - but he will quietly be swept under the rug. His dad has been trying to get answers but the only one who will talk to him is Fox News. CBS had interview footage with the president within 24 hours of the attack admitting that it was a a well-planned attack - that they decided not to air it. They sure did not mind covering Cindy Sheehan when George Bush was president. They covered her protests 24/7 but are mocking anyone who questions this president.

Where is your outrage? Why does he deserve this media blackout?

WHEN is the last time this president answered 1 question from the press? When is the last time the press - which is supposed to be OUR channel of information from government - gave us any information that questioned any of his actions.

Such as - Valerie Jarrett, t he president's closest adviser - a Chicago mover and shaker who insiders say is vindictive and completely controlling and sits in the highest level of secure meetings - has been attempting to have secret meetings with Iran. What is Valerie Jarrett's qualification for that? That she lived there till she was 5?

Or this one - Right before hurricane Sandy the president signed an executive order giving Homeland Security more authority over your town. Did you know that?

And last - right AFTER the election he fast-tracked a Treaty that will give the UN authority over whether you can buy a weapon to protect yourself or your home. Did you know that?

WHEN are you going to demand that we follow the constitution? Or have you believed your professors that it is a flexible, outdated document? Have you ever read it? It's only 4 pages long. Why not give it a try? You will be amazed at all that is going on in our government that is against our laws.

The president isn't even mentioned until article II. And his powers are very limited.

Here - take one hour and read. Put down the cell phone, turn off the TV and read.

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