Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Economic, Identity and Leadership Crisis

Let's keep this basic.

Those who think I hate Barack Obama are wrong.  I don't even know the man.

BUT, I completely disagree with the beliefs and agenda that he has made self-evident in the last four years.  Nothing about his actions speak of a man with a great love for the nation he had the opportunity to lead.  Everything I have seen and read points to a narcissistic left-wing ideologue whose only interest is in promoting an agenda.

I have lived through twelve presidents in my lifetime, several for two terms (Truman-2, Eisenhower-2, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan-2, GHW Bush, Clinton-2, Bush-2 and Barack Obama).  The first thing I think about that is, "Geez, I'm old".  But the second thing I think is - never in my lifetime have I heard such continual denial of the greatness of the American experiment, our place as "Leader of the free world", and condemnation of OUR identity as American citizens.

You might question my previous statement, but, everything I have read (and I am a news-aholic) points to a man at odds with someone who believes in this country as she was envisioned to be.  Economist  Thomas Sowell is a much better writer than I and said this recently in the American Spectator  "Barack Obama was brought up by long string of mentors and allies who were marked by hatred of the United States, and a vision of the world in which the white, Western nations have become prosperous by oppressing and exploiting the non-white, non-Western nations."

Feel free to go to the American Spectator link above to examine that list of mentors and allies, which has been widely publicized, but which millions of Americans either have closed their eyes to OR have accepted due to their own university indoctrination.  The record is there - just look. And that is only the record that has been made public.  Most of this president's records are sealed at great expense.

Even in our "diversity" age - people tend to appoint as their closest workers folks who think like them.  Since Barack Obama NEVER was taught about the greatness of America (despite our flaws) - why would we think his cabinet, staff, Senate and congressional leaders believe in that greatness?

Although I am a conservative, I don't believe that right now we need either a left-wing or right wing ideologue as president right now.  Our country is in an economic, identity and leadership crisis.

We need a President who 100% believes in the greatness of America (American exceptionalism).  A President who remembers that the world owes America a debt - for their freedom from oppressors such as Hitler and Saddam Hussein, for our unbounded generosity in times of tragedy and disaster, for opening our doors to millions of immigrants escaping tyranny, famine and disease, and for incredible advances in technology and invention that have made life easier for all.

We need a president who has some actual executive experience handling multi-billion dollar business, because we have one of the wold's largest economies - and we need someone with a knowledge base of how that works.  We need someone who knows how to dive deep into the numbers, cut where needed and move this country out of the red. We are in economic peril and I believe some of that has been purposeful by this president. We need a president who understands the need for a limited, frugal government in Washington, DC.

Lastly, we need a president who is not so caught up in himself and his agenda that he forgets he was given the privilege of leading the greatest nation on earth.  We need someone who shows up to work and WORKS a full day..  We need a president who leads by the tone he sets from the top by working with opponents rather than condemning them - for the good of the American people.  That one attribute was what made Clinton and Reagan successful.  We need a president who does not make it his primary goal to appease the world - but rather to be a leader that world respects.

For me that president is Mitt Romney.  You have ONE vote.  Please do your own research.  The mainstream media is doing everything it can to promote a Barack Obama second term.  Ask yourself - what has he accomplished in his first?  If you were interviewing him for the CEO or COO position of your company - what qualifications and accomplishments does he bring?  Then look at Mitt Romney's record in both his business, political, volunteer and personal life and ask which man is more qualified to lead this nation.  Not "who is going to meet my personal needs and desires?", but rather "who is going to ensure that the children of America have a future of freedom, prosperity and achievement to look forward to?".

You have one VOTE - do your research and choose wisely.  It's not "just politics".  Our nation is at a tipping point.  We either move further on the path to greatness - or we decline to be just "one of the world of nations".  I choose greatness and leadership.  I choose MittRomney.

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